10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Windows XP

Update: If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, then then check out these posts (Vista, Windows 7). If are feeling more adventurous I have also posted 10 Intermediate Ways To Speed Up Windows and also More Ways to Speed Up Windows XP

I’ve just finished setting up a new PC for a friend and I think some of you will be interested in some of the tweaks I make to all of my PCs to make them quicker. I’ve focused here on the ones which are simple to do and won’t cause problems if you get it wrong, rather than listing registry tweaks etc.

1. Disable Indexing Services

Indexing Services is a small little program that uses large amounts of RAM and can often make a computer endlessly loud and noisy. This system process indexes and updates lists of all the files that are on your computer. It does this so that when you do a search for something on your computer, it will search faster by scanning the index lists. If you don’t search your computer often, or even if you do search often, this system service is completely unnecessary. To disable do the following:

  • Go to Start
  • Click Settings
  • Click Control Panel
  • Double-click Add/Remove Programs
  • Click the Add/Remove Window Components
  • Uncheck the Indexing services
  • Click Next

2. Optimise Display Settings

Windows XP can look sexy but displaying all the visual items can waste system resources. To optimise:

  • Go to Start
  • Click Settings
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click System
  • Click Advanced tab
  • In the Performance tab click Settings
  • Leave only the following ticked:
  • Show shadows under menus
  • Show shadows under mouse pointer
  • Show translucent selection rectangle
  • Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop
  • Use visual styles on windows and buttons

3. Speedup Folder Browsing

You may have noticed that everytime you open my computer to browse folders that there is a slight delay. This is because Windows XP automatically searches for network files and printers everytime you open Windows Explorer. To fix this and to increase browsing significantly:

  • Open My Computer
  • Click on Tools menu
  • Click on Folder Options
  • Click on the View tab.
  • Uncheck the Automatically search for network folders and printers check box
  • Click Apply
  • Click Ok
  • Reboot your computer

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    i used tis method and it improves processing.

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  3. Chandan Ghosh April 13, 2011 at 7:34 pm #


    1: Start > Right Click on My Computer and select properties.
    2: Click on the “Advanced” tab
    3: See the “Perfomance” section? Click “Settings”
    4: Disable all or some of the following:

    Fade or slide menus into view
    Fade or slide ToolTips into view
    Fade out menu items after clicking
    Show Shadows under menus
    Slide open combo boxes
    Slide taskbar buttons
    Use a background image for each folder type
    Use common tasks in folders

    There, now Windows will still look nice and perform faster!!!!!!!

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    Good info. Removing the unwanted progams from startup is a very good option.

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    good one really my pc speeds up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the same