New Plugin: Latest Comments With Avatars Reloaded

I’ve just put the finishing touches on what I think will be a very popular plugin which is now available for download: Latest Comments With Avatar Reloaded. which is a major improvement over Latest Comments With Avatar (LCA).

What Latest Comments With Avatars does is show the commenter’s MyBlogLog Avatar rather than their name - you can see it in operation in my sidebar. I think this is much nicer way of literally seeing who has been leaving comments, rather just listing their name.

The current version of Latest Comments With Avatar (1.0) includes the following:

  • Compatible with WordPress 2.0+ (not sure about other versions – let me know)
  • Full control over how many posts are displayed
  • Full control over how many comments are displayed
  • Trackbacks and pingbacks can also be displayed – you decide

Installation & Usage

  • Download the Zip file
  • Unzip to your wp-content/plugins folder
  • Activate from your plugin admin page
  • To add the plugin to your theme the easiest way is to add the following to your sidebar:

<?php if (function_exists(‘latest_comments_avatars’)) latest_comments_avatars(); ?>

    This will display a list of the latest comments and MyBlogLog Avatars.


There are a number of variables that can be tweaked. The full range are listed below:

latest_comments_avatars(number of posts, number of avatars per post, hide trackbacks/pingbacks, prefix, postfix)

  1. Number of posts to dispay: Default is 5.
  2. Number of Avatars to display per post: Default is 6
  3. Hide trackbacks/pingbacks: Default is True. To show change to False
  4. Prefix and postfix . These are wrapped around each post and list of commenters. Default is <li> and </li>

Plugin Support

If you have installed the plugin and you have any technical questions then please use this thread in the forum. No support will be given on the site.

Join MyBlogLog Community!

If you haven’t joined my community yet, then click here. Don’t forget, if you join my community I’ll join yours. If you’re interested in exchanging communities with other MBL users then add your community here.


This plugin draws heavily on the great work by Brian’s Latest Comments and MyAvatars. Significant assistance was also given by Billy Chung.

Release Notes:

Version 1.0 28/01/07: Download

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