Great New Plugin – Simple Tagging

I removed UTW a few weeks ago as it was killing my server and causing issues with WordPress 2.1. I thought I could live without tags, but I was surprised by how many readers asked me to put tags on as they were using the tags to find related articles.

Luckily, Ajay asked me to try out the new Simple Tagging Plugin. I thought UTW was a feature-rich plugin, but Simple Tagging introduces some cool features that UTW doesn’t have. What’s even better is it’s much faster and isn’t killing my server.

Simple Tagging has too many features to list, but here are the ones I’ve found useful:

  • option to automatically add tags to feed
  • import tags from UTW or Jerome’s Keywords
  • Add tags as meta keywords
  • Auto-suggest tags for posts
  • Auto-completes tas as you type
  • Very friendly tag urls -e.g.

It didn’t take me very long to add the Simple Tagging Plugin to my site, although I’ve still got a few issues to iron out like getting getting it show the pagination on my tag pages and also finding a way to limit how many related tags are shown. Hopefully the plugin author will get back to me soon with a fix.

More: Simple Tagging Plugin

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