Pay Per Post Direct – Why Would You Do It?

I just got an email from Pay Per Post announcing their new Pay Per Post Direct scheme, which allow bloggers to sign up advertisers directly via their sites.

The ‘benefits’ of the Pay Per Post Direct scheme is that Pay Per Post only take a 10% cut, and the blogger gets to keep the other 90%. If you’re looking for a good write-up then check out Andy Beard’s site.

I really can’t see the logic of signing up to the scheme. If an advertiser has decided based upon looking at your site that they want to buy a review, then why not just do the deal directly and keep all the money?

By all means keep your site listed in the PPP directory so that you don’t miss out on any potential reviews that might come in via that route, but I really think that any advertising sales generated via your site should be done directly. If you’ve generated the sales lead directly, then why pay commission?

I feel the same about all the many blogs I see advertising ReviewMe or Text Link Ads on their sites, as again the payback will usually be better if you sell the review directly, even if you get lucky and get an extra $25 for signing up a new advertiser at the same time. As long as your ReviewMe price is greater than $50 then you will always be better off selling the review directly e.g. if you sold a $100 review directly you would bank $100, whereas if you sold the review via ReviewMe the most you could make would be $75 (50% x$100 + $25).

I just feel that all bloggers are achieving by adding ‘get reviewed by this site for $xxx’ from ReviewMe badges, and ‘buy text links’ from TLA buttons, is giving away free advertising to these companies. If you are determined to try and sell reviews via your site, then you’d be much better off using the same inventory to push direct advertising opportunities.

This is what I have done on my site by pushing all links on my site to buy advertising to my own sales page. You can even undercut your ReviewMe or TLA prices to encourage users to go directly and still be quids in, rather than via a 3rd party.

I also sleep better at night by not having links to Text Link Ads and ReviewMe on all pages on my site, just in case Google really do downgrade sites they find selling links. By having links to Text Link Ads and Review Me on every page, you might as well be shouting to Google ‘Hey, I’m selling links – downgrade my site!’

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