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For any aspiring webtrepreneur, time management and production optimization are, perhaps, the main obstacles to overcome in order to be successful. With an enormous workload, it is too easy to get bogged down with tedious, repetitive tasks and lose focus on your desired plan of action.

In a previous Connected Internet post, Track Your Part Time Gigs With Side Job Tracker, gili had mentioned some great tools for time/project management. Well, in addition to Side Job Track (SJT), Basecamp and Microsoft Project, I’ve got some additional tools built by Smile On My Mac, specifically made for the Mac user, designed to help you stay on top of your schedule while maximizing your time and efforts.

Smile On My Mac has six main products for your consideration- disc label, browseback, photoprinto, PDFpen, pagesender and textepander. Now, obviously, some of these tools are lagniappe but, of the six, four are perfect for efficient production and geared towards saving you hours of time and loads of energy.

First on the list for review is browseback. With browseback, users can forget about bookmarking and simply sift through thumbnails of every page previously visited, using keywords to search for content. In addition, with browseback, you also have the ability to share the web pages you visit(ed) by quickly sending a PDF to numerous locations.

Next up for your usage is PDFpen. With PDFpen, you have the ability to combine pages from several PDF files together, sign your electronic faxes/emails, open and edit PDF files quickly and easily, augment just about anything that you can do in the interface and even create your own PDF forms.

And, for all of your sending needs, pagesender has got you connected. With pagesender, if you can print it, then you can fax it and you can email it. Use pagesender to fax fast by simply entering the number, clicking print and dusting your shoulders off (dusting your shoulders off is not required but it is sometimes included:)). You can even fax to multiple locations (i.e. all of your customers at once). pagesender also offers scriptable solutions for faxing invoices from FileMaker Pro.

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite piece of software from Smile On My Mac called textexpander. I don’t know about you but, I find myself typing email after email, over and over again, aways looking for eaiser ways to create and respond to emails. With textexpander, you just save snippets of your regularly used text strings, images and even custom signatures, type in your saved abbreviations and save hours of time and countless keystrokes.

You can also protect yourself (and your time) from typos by adding some common typos/misspellings as triggers and textexpander will automatically correct them for you. In addition, you can insert HTML code with a few keyboard clicks by creating abbreviations for common HTML tags and utilizing the free, TextExpander Snippet Files.

Just a few tips and tools to keep you on the ball and better prepared for the more important/necessary endeavors that come with the typical business lifestyle. Set your game plan, make use of the tools available, stay disciplined and focused and, perhaps, delegate some tasks so as to free up more time for your intended focus. Of the software applications listed above, textexpander makes the most sense for me. I love the concept and I love the abilities. Honestly, it should be called Text and Time Expander because it will certainly free up your time by expanding on your email text for you.

With regards to this post, the only other topic for discussion that I can think is, “What tools does the pc have that are comparable to these tools for the Mac?” and/or “When will tools like these be available for the pc?” Your thoughts, comments? Which tools do you like to use?

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