Don’t Be Afraid To Delete Adsense Units To Make More Money

I’ve seen more evidence this week that Google Adsense Smart Pricing really does exist, where after deleting 50% of my Adsense inventory, rather than my overall earnings falling, the additional revenue I’m making from my remaining units performing has improved so much it has actually lifted my total earnings!

One of the tips I constantly give to people who are trying to increase their Google adsense earnings is to delete poorly performing and positioned units e.g in sidebars. Google Adsense Smart Pricing ensures that publishers with higher average CTRs get better performing ads, so by removing your poorly performing ads and increasing your CTR average, 9 times out of 10 your earnings will improve.

In the past I’ve deleted units that weren’t achieving at least $2CPM as this is roughly what I can make from Tribal Fusion. However, this month I replaced my 468×60 Adsense unit which was I thought was doing ok, with an direct advertiser who is paying more than the space was making with Adsense. I was expecting my overall Adsense earnings to fall because of the loss of iventory, but thanks to Smart Pricing, not only is my main 300×250 unit getting a higher CPM (CTR hasn’t changed), but I’m now making more overall from Adsense!

All I can say that based on my experience, even though it may seem like a crazy move, don’t be afraid to delete poorly performing Adsense units, as your earnings will probably benefit from it.

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