Add Digg Labs Products as a Screensaver

I still love Digg. Although not as much as I used to, when it was almost strictly technology based, I probably still frequent it, much more then any other website on the net. It still has the ability to bring almost each and every top story of the day, and do it before much of the rest of ‘mainstream media’.

One thing that Kevin Rose and company added during the growth to internet fame, was Digg Labs. A behind the scenes look at what is being dugg in real time, in a few various forms(Screenshots Below).

Well, for a while now, it hasn’t been publicized that much, but you can add each of these extremely innovative flash based products as a Windows or MAC screen saver. On each of the Digg Labs items, you will see screensaver download in the upper right-hand corner. Simply download the item for your respective operating system and run through the quick and easy installation.

Digg Labs – Big Spy

Digg Labs – Arc

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7 Responses to Add Digg Labs Products as a Screensaver

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