Recommend A 3 Column WordPress Theme

I’ve been using the theme on this site for over a year now, so I’ve decided it’s time for a change as I need something new to fiddle with!  There are so many good wordpress themes out there so to speed up finding a newA theme I thought I’d enlist the help of my readers.

If you know of a good 3 column wordpress theme, both free and premium, then please leave a link in a comment.  The theme needs to have:

  • High readability
  • A good location for the search box – I think the field on this theme is too low
  • 3 columnns – one at least 160 wide and the other at least 300
  • Update: A 2 column theme with a good footer is an option
  • Space in the header for a 728 banner
  • Better integration of RSS subscription options
  • Space to show at least one featured article
  • A customisable hompage layout
  • A high fold for single.php pages
  • Widget support
  • good support for 2nd level cat pages in the header
  • fast – don’t want tonnes of js

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