10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Windows 7

Disable Windows Aero

I’ve tried to avoid listing tweaks that make Windows 7 look ‘worse’, but Windows 7 Aero Theme can really task PCs, so disabling is advisable if you need that extra speed:

  • Right-click on your desktop and select ‘Personalise‘ and click the ‘Window Color‘ tab
  • Uncheck the ‘Enable Transparency’ box
  • Click on ‘Open classic appearance properties for more color options’
  • Choose a Standard or Basic theme from the popup that appears

Disable Services

Some windows 7 services take up a lot of unnecessary ram, which is particularly bad if you don’t use them.  Black Viper maintains a very good list of services that can be stopped.  Rather than disabling services, I recommend that you set services you don’t think you need to ‘manual’ just in case you make a mistkae.

To Start or Disable services:

  1. Go to Control Panel.   Click on ‘Administrative Tools‘ and then click on ‘Services’
  2. Right click on each individual service you want to tweak below.
  3. I recommend following the ‘Safe’ column:
Display NameService Name
ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV)AxInstSVManual **Manual **Disabled *
Adaptive BrightnessSensrSvcManualManualDisabled *
Application ExperienceAeLookupSvcManual (Started) ?ManualManual
Application Host Helper ServiceAppHostSvcNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Application Identity **AppIDSvcManualManualManual
Application InformationAppinfoManual (Started)ManualManual
Application Layer Gateway ServiceALGManualManualDisabled *
Application ManagementAppMgmtManualManualManual
ASP.NET State Serviceaspnet_stateNot Installed (Manual)Not InstalledNot Installed
Background Intelligent Transfer ServiceBITSManual (Started) ?ManualManual
Base Filtering EngineBFEAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
BitLocker Drive Encryption ServiceBDESVCManualManualDisabled *
Block Level Backup Engine ServicewbengineManualManualManual
Bluetooth Support ServicebthservManualManualDisabled *
BranchCachePeerDistSvcManualDisabled *Disabled *
Certificate PropagationCertPropSvcManualDisabled *Disabled *
Client for NFS ****NfsClntNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
CNG Key IsolationKeyIsoManual (Started) ?ManualManual
COM+ Event SystemEventSystemAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
COM+ System ApplicationCOMSysAppManual (Started)ManualManual
Computer BrowserBrowserManual (Started) **ManualManual
Credential ManagerVaultSvcManualManualDisabled *
Cryptographic ServicesCryptSvcAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
DCOM Server Process LauncherDcomLaunchAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Desktop Window Manager Session ManagerUxSmsAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
DHCP ClientDhcpAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Diagnostic Policy ServiceDPSAutomatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *
Diagnostic Service HostWdiServiceHostManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
Diagnostic System HostWdiSystemHostManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
Disk DefragmenterdefragsvcManualManualManual
Distributed Link Tracking ClientTrkWksAutomatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *
Distributed Transaction CoordinatorMSDTCManual (Started)ManualManual
DNS ClientDnscacheAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Encrypting File System (EFS)EFSManualManualDisabled *
Extensible Authentication ProtocolEapHostManualManualManual
Fax ****FaxManualManualDisabled *
Function Discovery Provider HostfdPHostManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
Function Discovery Resource PublicationFDResPubAutomatic (Started)AutomaticDisabled *
Group Policy ClientgpsvcAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Health Key and Certificate ManagementhkmsvcManualManualDisabled *
HomeGroup ListenerHomeGroupListenerManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
HomeGroup ProviderHomeGroupProviderManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
Human Interface Device AccesshidservManualManualDisabled *
IIS Admin ServiceIISADMINNot Installed (Automatic)Not InstalledNot Installed
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying ModulesIKEEXTManual (?) **ManualManual
Indexing ServiceCISVCNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Interactive Services DetectionUI0DetectManualManualDisabled *
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)SharedAccessDisabledDisabledDisabled
IP HelperiphlpsvcAutomatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *
IPsec Policy AgentPolicyAgentManualManualManual
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction CoordinatorKtmRmManualManualManual
Link-Layer Topology Discovery MapperlltdsvcManualManualDisabled *
LPD Service ****LPDSVCNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Media Center Extender Service ** ****Mcx2SvcDisabledDisabledDisabled
Message Queuing ****MSMQNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Message Queuing Triggers ****MSMQTriggersNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727clr_optimization_v2.0.50727ManualManualManual
Microsoft FTP Service ****ftpsvcNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator ServiceMSiSCSIManualDisabled *Disabled *
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy ProviderswprvManualManualManual
Multimedia Class SchedulerMMCSSAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Net.Msmq Listener Adapter ****NetMsmqActivatorNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Net.Pipe Listener Adapter ****NetPipeActivatorNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Net.Tcp Listener Adapter ****NetTcpActivatorNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service ****NetTcpPortSharingDisabledDisabledDisabled
NetlogonNetlogonManualDisabled *Disabled *
Network Access Protection AgentnapagentManualDisabled *Disabled *
Network ConnectionsNetmanManual (Started)ManualManual
Network List ServicenetprofmManual (Started)ManualManual
Network Location AwarenessNlaSvcAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Network Store Interface ServicensiAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Offline FilesCscServiceAutomatic (Started)Disabled *Disabled *
Parental ControlsWPCSvcManualDisabled *Disabled *
Peer Name Resolution ProtocolPNRPsvcManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
Peer Networking Groupingp2psvcManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
Peer Networking Identity Managerp2pimsvcManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
Performance Logs & AlertsplaManualManualManual
Plug and PlayPlugPlayAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
PnP-X IP Bus EnumeratorIPBusEnumManualManualDisabled *
PNRP Machine Name Publication ServicePNRPAutoRegManualManualDisabled *
Portable Device Enumerator ServiceWPDBusEnumManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
PowerPowerAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Print SpoolerSpoolerAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel SupportwercplsupportManualManualDisabled *
Program Compatibility Assistant ServicePcaSvcManual **ManualDisabled *
Protected StorageProtectedStorageManualManualManual
Quality Windows Audio Video ExperienceQWAVEManualManualManual
Remote Access Auto Connection ManagerRasAutoManualManualManual
Remote Access Connection ManagerRasManManualManualManual
Remote Desktop Configuration **SessionEnvManualManualDisabled *
Remote Desktop ServicesTermServiceManualManualDisabled *
Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port RedirectorUmRdpServiceManualManualDisabled *
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)RpcSsAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) LocatorRpcLocatorManualManualManual
Remote RegistryRemoteRegistryManualDisabled *Disabled *
RIP Listener ****ipripNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Routing and Remote AccessRemoteAccessDisabledDisabledDisabled
RPC Endpoint MapperRpcEptMapperAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
SeaPort *****SeaPortNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Secondary LogonseclogonManualManualManual
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol ServiceSstpSvcManualManualManual
Security Accounts ManagerSamSsAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Security CenterwscsvcAutomatic (Delayed Start, Started)Automatic (Delayed Start)Automatic (Delayed Start)
ServerLanmanServerAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Shell Hardware DetectionShellHWDetectionAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Simple TCP/IP Services ****simptcpNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Smart CardSCardSvrManualDisabled *Disabled *
Smart Card Removal PolicySCPolicySvcManualDisabled *Disabled *
SNMP Service ****SNMPNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
SNMP TrapSNMPTRAPManualDisabled *Disabled *
Software ProtectionsppsvcAutomatic (Delayed Start, Started)Automatic (Delayed Start)Automatic (Delayed Start)
SPP Notification ServicesppuinotifyManual (Started) ***ManualManual
SSDP DiscoverySSDPSRVManual (Started)ManualManual
SuperfetchSysMainAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
System Event Notification ServiceSENSAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Tablet PC Input ServiceTabletInputServiceManualManualDisabled *
Task SchedulerScheduleAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
TCP/IP NetBIOS HelperlmhostsAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Telnet ****TlntSvrNot Installed (Disabled)Not InstalledNot Installed
ThemesThemesAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Thread Ordering ServerTHREADORDERManualManualManual
TPM Base ServicesTBSManualManualManual
UPnP Device HostupnphostManual (Started)ManualManual
User Profile ServiceProfSvcAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Virtual DiskvdsManualManualManual
Volume Shadow CopyVSSManual (Started)ManualManual
Web Management Service ****WMSVCNot Installed (Manual)Not InstalledNot Installed
WebClientWebClientManualManualDisabled *
Windows AudioAudioSrvAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Windows Audio Endpoint BuilderAudioEndpointBuilderAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Windows BackupSDRSVCManualManualManual
Windows Biometric ServiceWbioSrvcManualManualDisabled *
Windows CardSpace ****idsvcManualManualDisabled *
Windows Color SystemWcsPlugInServiceManualManualDisabled *
Windows Connect Now – Config RegistrarwcncsvcManualManualDisabled *
Windows DefenderWinDefendAutomatic (Delayed Start, Started)Automatic (Delayed Start)Automatic (Delayed Start)
Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver FrameworkwudfsvcManualManualManual
Windows Error Reporting ServiceWerSvcManualManualDisabled *
Windows Event CollectorWecsvcManualManualManual
Windows Event LogEventLogAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Windows FirewallMpsSvcAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Windows Font Cache ServiceFontCacheManualManualManual
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)stisvcManualManualManual
Windows InstallermsiserverManualManualManual
Windows Live Family SafetyfsssvcNot Installed (Manual)Not InstalledNot Installed
Windows Management InstrumentationWinmgmtAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
Windows Media Center Receiver Service ****ehRecvrManualManualDisabled *
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service ****ehSchedManualManualDisabled *
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service ****WMPNetworkSvcAutomatic (Delayed Start, Started)Disabled *Disabled *
Windows Modules InstallerTrustedInstallerManualManualManual
Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache ****FontCache3.0.0.0ManualManualManual
Windows Process Activation Service ****WASNot Installed (Manual, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)WinRMManualManualDisabled *
Windows Search ****WSearchAutomatic (Delayed Start, Started)Disabled *Disabled *
Windows TimeW32TimeManual (?) ***ManualManual
Windows UpdatewuauservAutomatic (Delayed Start, Started)Automatic (Delayed Start)Automatic (Delayed Start)
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery ServiceWinHttpAutoProxySvcManual (Started)ManualDisabled *
Wired AutoConfigdot3svcManualManualManual
WLAN AutoConfigWlansvcManualManualManual
WMI Performance AdapterwmiApSrvManualManualManual
WorkstationLanmanWorkstationAutomatic (Started)AutomaticAutomatic
World Wide Web Publishing Service ****W3SVCNot Installed (Automatic, Started)Not InstalledNot Installed)
WWAN AutoConfigWwanSvcManualManualManual

There you, 10 Simple ways to make Windows 7 faster. If you have any other Windows 7 tweaks, then please share them in a comment.  Don’t forget more tweaks can be found on Windows 7 News.

75 Responses to 10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Windows 7

  1. Luizoallgayer February 13, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

    to make your windows 7 faster there is only one way….been an original and up to date copy, and only with microsoft tweaks.Guys plesae dont be fools to do wath this man tell u to…. like putting maximun memory and all processors on boot up. If u supid enought to do entering safe mode u can undone this… Buy an original copy

  2. Tanglydew April 2, 2011 at 2:47 am #

    this is the most unreliable source posted online…this process screwed up my PC completely…screw you

    • Tanglydew April 2, 2011 at 2:48 am #

      i hate this…..

  3. Irishtwister June 19, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    must say im sorry to those that the tweak for win7 to use all available processor core’s in my experience does work.. ok it dosent make my laptop boot in like 5 seconds or anything but ive noticed an improvement for sure..  same as all these tweaks, disabling services, and startup programs etc, its not a massive difference but it does lighten the load and help to make things a bit more responsive and snappier :)

    hell if you want serious preformance power, go out and spend mega bucks on the fastest quad core on the market with the fastest ram, and the best motherboard and a water coolent system, then over clock the system and run it of a hardware striped volume raid…  then look for oil or do physics with it… not just check how smooth crysis will run a full settings lol

    id say these tweaks suit the more experienced user thats happy to play around in windows where other users are usualy to scared to tread..   if a tweak works then great! if not either reverse it or fix it but dont moan about wrecking your system if your not sure about what your doing :) would you stick your head in a fire if the man told you too?

  4. Baloney June 20, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Tried all these tips and none of them worked. These are just a load of baloney…

  5. Speed up pc February 24, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    Its a very information based article to speed up windows 7, Thanks for sharing this information. It worked for me.