Nintendo To Launch DSi LL With Larger Screen

174681-dsi-ll_originalIn a recent move, noted Japanese console and games maker Nintendo has decided to ship a large sized edition of its popular console DSi handheld. The new device will have two screens and it will be known as DSi LL. It will be available in stores approximately in the last week of November. The estimated cost of the device will be around $220 USD. According to the news available from a Nintendo spokesperson, the device will be sold in overseas market by early next year. It will be the costliest device in the DSi series of consoles.

In April this year, Nintendo released the DSi with two cameras which was a tad bigger than the original DSi. However, the screen size of the new DSi will come close to Sony PSP’s screen size. The dual screen will add to its novelty factor. As per the specs, the new version of DSi will offer increased battery life. It could be close to three hours or even more depending on the screen brightness. Those who think they will get a better resolution in the new device are likely to be disappointed. The resolution will remain as it is. In Europe it will be sold as DSi XL.

Apart from the pixilation issue the new device will also be heavier. At 314 grams it is quite bulky. The device is not going to offer any revolutionary change in game play to the Nintendo fans. The weight of the device may deter some of the users to carry it around.

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