BioWare’s ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ Will Satisfy The Seasoned Gamers

dao_poBioWare recently released its massive RPG saga titled ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ on several gaming platforms. However, this fantasy role playing game is so rich in story-line and content that casual gamers may not be able to cope with it easily. The game offers the players 100 hours about to finish it. But this is just the basic game. More enthusiastic gamers have the option to download optional quests and patches from the web for extended gaming sessions.

The dark epic of BioWare has a lot of combat sequences replete with visual effects and close knit story line that keep the players hooked till the end. ‘Dragon Age: Origins’ is said to be inspired from another BioWare Masterpiece of the late 90’s, ‘Baldur’s Gate’. The game sticks to the classic RPG traditions like the choice of selecting the gender and race of the protagonist. The players are also allowed to alter the appearance of the protagonists.

The game will unfold according to the choice of the protagonist made by the player. If the player chooses a male warrior, he will have to go through the devastation of his castle and a Grey Warden will be his savior. But if the player selects a female Elf as the protagonist, she will be kidnapped at the venue of her wedding in the game. But all the stories are inter-weaved at the end. What follows is the reincarnation of a powerful and gigantic demon.

There is a range of exciting and interesting combat modes in the game like archery, swordplay, special attacks and even black magic. This game was in making for the last few years and that is why its visual effects and character animations do not exactly look cutting edge. Another quirky aspect is that the protagonist remains silent though he hears other characters speaking around him. But the game has many strong points that easily override these minor limitations.

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