Hotkeywordspy: Dominate Affiliate Marketing

It is a rare day when I actually read promotional email. But I was glad I read one last Thursday. Now, I don’t know if the ad copy was that good or I was simply looking for another approach to bolster my affiliate marketing, but I actually followed the link and ended up on the webpage of an intriguing tool for affiliate marketing. Called HotKeyWordSpy, the software promised the user  a boatload of tricks to dominate online business.


Hotkeywordspy isn’t your normal keyword spying tool like Goodkeywords or Keywords Elite. Like Goodkeywords, Hotkeywords spy provides very thorough data mining for keywords, related phrases, PPC cost and competition. But that’s where the similarity ends. The affiliate marketer can broaden his attack vector  by using the other functions of Hotkeywordspy like:

Hot Clickbank Products- Clicking this tool launches an algorithm  that searches for the best selling clickbank products. Promote these products with the recommended keywords and you can expect better conversions.

Hot Keywords– Clicking this tool mines google for the most searched keywords and it also returns the PPC cost of each. You’ll love this function if you earn from adsense.

Hot Amazon Products– Love Amazon? I love amazon too- especially when I know which of their products sell the most. The Hot Amazon products function locates the best sellers that can help you increase the bottomline.

Hot Ebay products- As with the amazon tool, the ebay function seeks out the ebay products that experience great buying velocity. A must if you want to promote ebay products through their affiliate system.

Hot twitter terms- And finally, the twitter function lets you discover what’s flying on twitter, and how you can exploit it.

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