Super Mario Bros. Wii: The Charm Of Mario Revisited

newsupermariobroswiiComputer gaming has evolved considerably over the past two decades. From the DOS based basic graphic games, Console gaming has reached new heights where the line between virtual and real world has blurred. However, there are some good old games that remain popular even today despite the advancements made in the sphere of technology. Mario was a popular game of the Pre-Windows era when personal computers were yet to become a reality. It is still loved by a lot of veteran PC gamers who find the quirky and funny characters of the game and its fascinating, colorful world a delight. These people can check out the reincarnation of Mario in Super Mario Bros

The gameplay and graphics look familiar to the original Mario series. However, the attraction of the game lies deep under its surface. The first level of the Super Mario Bros. Wii may make some gamers disappointed. However, once they cross past that stage and explore the goodies hidden in the advanced levels they are likely to get addicted to it. In fact, the multi-player version of the game offers more thrill than the single player version. The level design of the game is among the best that can be achieved in 2D platform.

As the game can be played using just two buttons, others can use a controller to join it. The gamers can fly upwards using the propeller suit. With the penguin suit a player gets the ability to freeze his enemies in the game. It also makes swimming much easier. The small but effective tweaks help the players in advancing through the various levels of the game. A lot of challenges are unfolded as the player finishes one version and moves to the next. The myriad game challenges ensue that the player never gets bored with shooting the enemies. It has all the elements to become a hit Nintendo title.

Its multi player version offers more excitement as the players can interact with one another. The grievances of other players that run like a commentary provides a comic relief. The game levels have many hidden treasures and secrets. Besides, the players have the option to find them or just finish the levels fast. This adds a good amount of replay value. A player can choose to play the game according to his own style and this flexibility is hard to find in other similar games. While the children will love this game, their parents will find its simplistic approach unbeatable.

However, the game is not flawless from a gamer’s perspective. The fact that Super Mario Bros. Wii does not offer an online version is a drawback on its part. The game is definitely attractive and engaging but its attraction would have multiplied with online support and voice chat. With its new features and a few inherent limitations, the game offers the charm of classical 2D animation games in a revamped version. The Mario aficionados will surely have a go at this one. The revamped version seems exciting enough to enthral the gaming freaks.

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