Facebook Comes To The Xbox And PS3

The popular social networking website Facebook, has now teamed up with Xbox and Playstation to bring Facebook to your game console. Now you can let all your friends know what games your playing and what awards you’ve earned etc..

For the Xbox, the new feature dubbed as ” Facebook for Xbox ” allows users to link their Facebook profile to their Xboxxbox-live1 gamertag. It gives gamers the ability to find friends on Facebook and connect with them over Xbox live. Users will also be able to update their status, browse through photos and view updates straight from their consoles.

We’re excited that beginning today the social game experience is coming to Xbox Live, so now you can play Xbox games with your Facebook friends… It’s never been easier to discover friends you never even knew played Xbox.

Said Gareth Davis, Facebooks program manager for games. He also noted that he is aware of the privacy issues people have with Facebook and said that the Xbox is set to automatically recognize the privacy settings users have set on their accounts.

What’s more Twitter and Last.Fm are also coming to the Xbox but only for Xbox Live Gold membership users. But if you aren’t a gold member a free preview will begin from the 20th and end on the 23rd November.

Today the Playstation got its 3.10 firmware update and with it a newly integrated Facebook icon to the XMB playstation3account management menu. It now allows you to send out your trophy rewards direct to your Facebook feed as you earn them.So be sure to update your Playstation to get this new feature.

You can also customize what’s shared in your news feed and opt out of sharing Playstation store purchases and in game events. You are also prompted whether or not you want to publish something to your Facebook so you have complete control over what goes up on your Facebook.

“We put a lot of things in place to make it really flexible,” said PSN director Eric Lempel in a phone interview.

What do you think about bringing social networking to game consoles? Will you avail of these new features? Let us know in the comments.




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