A Sneak Peek Into Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

call-of-duty-4The gaming addicts who are fond of the titles that offer cinematic FPS excitement swear by the ‘Call of Duty’ series of games. The earlier versions used the Second World War as the backdrop but this was changed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The new characters and plot infused fresh life into the Call of Duty franchise. The Modern Warfare 2 was announced by the beginning of 2009 and it got released a few days back. It has become extremely popular within a short time among the gamers.

The game can be divided in three sections. The single player mode is ideal for the impatient gamers who have a tendency of jumping into the game as fast as possible. Those who like online gaming can try the multiplayer version of the game. Apart from these, the game also has a Spec Ops mode. In fact, Modern Warfare 2 retains a lot of elements present in its predecessors but also polishes up and tweaks the gameplay. Playing in the single player mode gives one the experience of watching a Hollywood action flick. The plot of the game is quite elaborate and presents a lot of difficulty levels for the players.

The game starts 5 years after where the first version left off. It offers a montage of chronicles to update the player about the developments that have taken place in these years. The players also need to represent various characters in the game for different missions. The player will be transported to many places of the world where war has broken out as a result of large-scale terrorist attacks. The plot has enough turns and twists to keep the players hooked till the end. The players may face difficulty in completing some missions as the enemy AI is strong and the action sequences are quite hectic. The multiplayer version has improved level designs and the weather effects and game terrains look spectacular.

Infinity Ward deserves credit for making the latest release of Modern Warfare realistic and hard hitting. The top notch visuals of the game are matched by the sound score. Both the background music and conversations are interesting. The Dolby Digital sound enhancement implemented in the game sounds best in a home theater setup. Activision has made the game available for Windows, Xbox and PS3. However, the Xbox Live party Chat cannot be used in a number of sections in the game.

In the game’s single player mode, the gamers need to don the hats of 5 separate characters. However, in the majority of the game the player needs to act as Gary Sanderson. He is a group member of Task Force 141, an international commando unit. The game also has a number of characters who are not involved in the missions. Modern Warfare 2 lives up to the expectation of the fans of the Call of Duty series. The plot of the game, while not ground breaking, offers enough excitement and interesting events to the FPS lovers. The continuity in the story line is credible and the characterization is captivating as well.

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    Got this the other day… its total wicked!!

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