Making Money With The Perfect Review Page

Online buyers are smart. Before purchasing something new, a vast majority go online and search the product first. Let’s say I’m interested in “AffiliateCraze”, what I’d do is to google “AffiliateCraze Scam” or “AffiliateCraze Review”. The results then largely influence my buying decision. Is the review good? Then I may decide to part with my money. Are the feedback posts bad? Then I look for an alternative.

It is precisely of this buying habit of many that you and I can make money online. How? Simple. Write a review page. A 500 word review with affiliate links to the product in question can lead to commission sales for you.

Writing a review page is no mean feat. In order to actually be seen on Google and to convince people to buy from that page, you may need to jump hoops. The following techniques have worked for my review pages:

Use The Tradename in Your Keywords, Title, Body and Meta. The product is called ForexRebellion, therefore you should include that very term in your Title, Meta, Body, etc. If you don’t, people won’t find you on google search results. Don’t be cute and use alternate words. If your title says “Forex Systems Review”, people won’t find you when looking for “ForexRebellion”

Include Pros and Cons. A glowing report looks biased. You must make it appear that you used the product and found things to your liking and dislike. That lends credibility.

Give Bonuses. Here’s the kicker. Inform your site visitors that you will give them valuable bonuses worth at least 3X the value of the product you reviewed- if they buy. That alone should convince people to salivate and even purchase immediately after reading.

Do you like reviewing products for friends? That means you’re an opinion leader.If that’s you, why not monetize it.

2 Responses to Making Money With The Perfect Review Page

  1. La Digue November 26, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    This is a great way to make money via a review page. The tips you have shared seem to be really good. It is certainly worth a try. Thanks for this superb share.

  2. Mauritius Resto November 26, 2009 at 1:41 pm #

    what you have explained in the above article is completely true. However, it needs some optimisation before people get to the review page even if the correct keyword has been used in the tiltle, meta, etc.

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