Firefox Introduces Better Tab Handling And A Lot Of Innovative Features In 3.6 Beta

firefox_35_logoThe launch and enormous success of Google Chrome has prompted browser makers to revamp their existing products to retain their user base. Microsoft has given the IE8 a good makeover and Apple has also redesigned Safari from ground up. Firefox don’t want to be left behind, and the newly released 3.6 Beta of Firefox includes an array of neat features that focuses on user friendliness. It seems that the Firefox development team has done their homework before adding the new features.

In particular, the tab handling has changed for better in the new release. Previously if a user opened a new tab it would have appeared at the extreme right. However, in the new version of Firefox a new tab comes up besides the active tab which is more practical and more convenient from a user’s perspective. This feature would be useful for those users who need to shuffle between a lot of tabs in the browser window. They can now organize the tabs better; those who want to customize the default look of their browsers will appreciate the personas feature which is similar to the themes used in Google chrome.

The rival browsers are also incorporating changes that enhance the browsing experience. For instance, Microsoft’s internet explorer can segregate similar tabs by colors. Opera opens a new tab on the right end by default but this behavior can be changed in its preferences. The new feature used by Firefox seems to be right times as browsers become an important part of our computing patterns and needs. Windows 7 Users can get thumbnails of Browser tabs from the improved taskbar and Firefox team should introduce new features to take advantage of this Windows functionality.

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