Google To Take New Strategies For Handling Printer Support In Its Upcoming OS

chromeThe preview of Google’s upcoming browser based OS named Chrome has created considerable buzz in the tech circles. It is being touted by Google as the next generation OS and a pioneer in cloud computing. However, the internet search giant needs to resolve certain critical issues before it releases Chrome OS for mass use. Driver support has proved to be a major issue with several operating systems including many versions of Microsoft’s Windows family. Even Windows Vista was not immune to this problem when it was launched two years back, although Windows 7 has good driver support.

Google does not want Chrome OS users to face the problems experienced by the existing OS users when it gets released in 2010 or 2011. Since the OS is being designed for netbook users it is quite natural that they will connect a lot of peripherals to their netbooks. If Chrome has to succeed it needs to offer seamless support for various types of hardware including printers.

For most input devices certain basic standards exist that enable the users to use them with a variety of platforms without requiring specific drivers. USB devices for example work on Windows and other platforms efficiently. However, with printers this may not be the case always. According to the Chrome OS development team Google will adopt a unique printer driver compatibility strategy for the upcoming OS. The details of the policy are yet to be made public though. It may design the core of the OS capable of interacting with a variety of peripherals without needing individual drivers.

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