How To Calculate Dimensions of Anything on your Screen

Designers and developers scrutinize others’ webpages and programs, looking for positive points which they can incorporate into their projects as well. Often they find the dimensions of a particular banner, advertisement, text field, etc. to be perfect. Obviously one cannot find out the exact dimensions by simply looking at the area; one needs to employ a certain tool for the job.

The said dimensions can be found using a number of tools that are freely available online. But if you are looking for the most easy-to-use tool, then myRuler is what you need.  The size of the setup file for myRuler is only 450KB. Size at less than half a megabyte, you can download and install this ruler in no time.

Here is how myRuler looks like by default:


The scale shows pixel markings and the number at top shows the total pixel length of the ruler. This pixel length on the first run is 500. In subsequent runs the length remains what it was when you exit the program.

You place the ruler against anything, adjust the length according to the object, and find from the ruler’s reading how many pixel does that particular length cover.


The ruler’s length can be changed by your mouse pointer pulling or pushing either side of the ruler. You can right-click on the ruler anytime and change its orientation from horizontal to vertical (and vice versa):


You also have four color schemes to choose from: Default, Office 2007, Gray, and Orange.

If you enter the ‘About’ section of the program (either by pressing the F1 key or clicking ‘About’ in the right-click menu), you will see some keyboard shortcuts which will help you better work with myRuler.


While this particular ruler serves its desired purpose, a huge journey lies ahead before it catches up to other popular rulers. Some of myRuler’s shortcomings include:

  • myRuler’s length can only be adjusted from one side.
  • myRuler does not have a transparent color scheme.
  • As myRuler’s length is adjusted, the top reading changes but the scale markings become distorted, often unreadable.
  • myRuler can only be adjusted to measure perfectly horizontal or vertical objects; you cannot use myRuler to measure the pixel length of objects at an angle.

The issues will certainly discourage the experienced developer from using myRuler. Hopefully the program will be improved to math other similar programs available on the net. Meanwhile, the average computer user will find myRuler quite useful.

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  1. Robert B December 7, 2009 at 7:35 pm #

    Handy tool alright

  2. iphone clone December 9, 2009 at 7:08 am #

    very coool tools

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