North Korea Develops a Linux-Windows7 Like Operating System

Ok … If they can build a nuclear bomb, a missile offensive system, desperately work to become a 4th world country, and anger just about everyone in the civilized world, why stop there? They are on a roll. North Korea should develop an Operating System. It makes sense. Well, that is just what they have done.

Red-Star Linux

Red Star is the Linux like Operating system with a Windows7 GUI. It also has an OpenOffice like office suite, and a FireFox like browser named My Country. Other features include an e-mail client called Pigeon. Also developed by North Korea software engineers are a firewall called Pyongyang Fortress and an antivirus program called Woodpecker. These are just the kind of programs every dictatorship needs.

The Red Star GUI Desktop

The configuration requires, at a minimum, an ultra modern Pentium III 800-MHz CPU (a state of the art CPU around 10 years ago), plus 256MB of RAM and 3GB of hard disk space.  Installation is fast; it takes only 15 minutes, and the Korean language is the only available language for users. One more thing, the clock on the bottom right shows two time years. One the standard Gregorian calendar and Juche Idea, in North Korean in which 2010 is the year 99.

The FireFox look alike

Stability is a problem for Red Star and users still prefer Vista or WindowsXP. The cost of the OS is $5.00. It even comes with a Readme file which goes with the install disc; and there is even a quote from the dictator, Kim Jong-il, about how important it is for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to have its own Linux-based operating system compatible with Korean traditions.

Source: North Korea’s “secret cyber-weapon”: brand new Red Star OS

Source: The Posting from the Russian Web site, aushen-rus journal brought forth the information.

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