Google Chrome OS ‘Business’ Coming next year

There’s an interesting titbit come out of Google with Will Drewry, one of their software security engineers, saying that in addition to the consumer edition of Chrome OS appearing later this year, a business version will appear in 2011.

This makes sense, especially from a business perspective, for Google.  A lightweight, easy to maintain OS running on netbooks and small tablets, but with access to exchange services and corporate file-systems could be quite compelling for IT departments looking to lock-down the facilities available to employees on the road, and save on support costs.

As a part of this, he said that all Google netbook products will ship with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips for security and authentication.

In addition, he said that a switch in the battery compartment of these devices will allow you to switch the machine into “developer mode” which would switch off some of the specialised security functions and allow users to “do what you want”.  Quite what this means and how it fits into the context of creating a secure business system remains to be seen, but it could be the equivalent of booting Windows in its management console as it is “intended to let developers tinker with the code to find new ideas.”

Google’s first netbook is expected at the end of 2010, though there’s no word yet on whether they will also provide tablet devices.

Source: NetworkWorld

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