Sony Unveils PS3 Motion Controller – Sony Move

We’ve been hearing from various sources that Sony would be unveiling their very own motion controller for the PlayStation 3 and today they delivered on that promise. So now we have a three way fight between Microsoft ( Project Natal ) Nintendo ( The Wii ) and now Sony with the “Sony Move” all in an effort to get you off the comfort of your couch and make you put in some effort.

Sony is describing the Sony Move as a “platform” and a “virtual console launch”. PlayStation Move is a motion controller system, with sensors to detect the player’s movements and translate them into gameplay. While it does have all the obvious features that you find in the Wii, there are a few more things that make this stand out from the Wii.

First off, just like the Wii you have to hold the controller in your hands, in fact there’s two of them, much like the Wiimote and the Nunchuck, the only differences is, in this case the Nunchuck is also wireless.

Sony also have wrist straps just like the Wii, so they must be expecting us to perform some pretty exuberant manoeuvres. However what’s different from the Wii is the PlayStation Move can capture your position precisely within real 3D space, instead of just relative movement based on a previous position. The Wii does a good job a detecting movement (with its built-in accelerometers), pointing (with the sensor bar), and even your exact orientation (with that addition of MotionPlus) but it’s not this accurate.

So those of you who like to play the Wii with a little flick of the wrist instead of the full blown manoeuvre will be caught out here since you will have to perform the full motion to get the desired reaction. But this will also give you more control over the game and should prove interesting in augmented reality since it’s based around the “Eye Toy” camera which reads the position of the coloured ball on the top of the controller.

Sony have also worked hard at getting the mathematics of it all right and they claim that the reaction time is a mere 1 fps delay between sending the data. That’s equal to that of the dualshock 3 game controller.

Sony are aiming to get lots of new titles out to take advantage of this new technology, but have also showed off that you can still use it with some of the current titles like in “Little Big Planet”.

So when is it going on sale? Well we’re being told in time for the “Holidays” so it will be around the same time as project natal is released as well. We’re being told that you can get the remotes, the camera and a game all for $100. We’re yet to hear of prices for the individual elements.

So what do you think of it?

Let us know in the comments

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5 Responses to Sony Unveils PS3 Motion Controller – Sony Move

  1. Free PS3 Slim March 26, 2010 at 7:51 am #

    It is a blatant copy of the Wiimote but what else could they really do? And what the hell are those gastly ball things doing on the top?

    Can't wait to see the games they have on this

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