Flurry’s Stats: Overwhelming Gaming Majority In iPad Apps Plus iPhone’s Growth In Mobile Gaming

As I talked about in my last post, the iPhone has been growing tremendously fast as a mobile gaming platform. And just as I finished that post, I get to see this the latest stats released by Flurry. The first one is about all the apps that are being tested out for the soon to be shipping iPad — Apple’s iPhone OS based full touchscreen tablet.

As you can see from the pie chart above, apps falling under the ‘Gaming’ category have an overwhelming majority over all other categories at a whopping 44%! The next category in terms of percentage is the ‘Entertainment’ category that has a measly 14% when compared to that 44%. Social Networking comes in third with 7%.

Even though the iPad was pitched as content consumption device, it seems like the developers zeroed in on two things — more horsepower and a gorgeous and large touchscreen to work with. What do you do with so much power, responsiveness and great display? Why you make games of course! What other kind of iPhone apps has the immersive experience that games do? So if you want to stun people, now is a good time.

Besides, it became quite clear that this device would be great at gaming during the keynote itself. Doesn’t matter if the Apple top rung hates seeing their precious platform turn into a game machine, they know it’s good for business. The iPad being a very personal device that you old up close to use, gaming of any kind is going to be extremely enjoyable.

However, this pie chart only shows what app is in testing — most of the normal apps do not need much testing because it is more or less the same OS. But games are extremely complex and the resolution difference will matter a lot. So may be that’s why they are in testing mode en masse.

And now let’s move to the second pie-chart for the day. This one shows the iPhone’s growth in the gaming sector. This is an year over year growth representation showing the growth achieved between the period of 2008-2009.

As is visible clearly, the iPhone OS started out as a tiny sliver in the larger scheme of things, thanks to the not so powerful hardware. And then the iPhone 3GS happened. Soon, the portable and the console parts gave way to more iPhone OS. And with the iPad, this will happen all the more.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that console gaming has actually shrunk and portable gaming has increased. This can be taken as an indicator of current market trends. People do not want to invest in a larger console and parents aren’t solvent enough anymore to buy it for their children. Portables on the other hand are comparatively less expensive and give the choice, a lot of working adults will choose to play on a portable than on a console. Not everyone has disposable time and income to spare to sit at home and play on a console connected with a great TV. Plus, the games cost a lot as well.

And those are the overall gaming stats. Have a look at the stats when you take it to the level of portable gaming.

Both PSP and the Nintendo DS have lost money to the iPhone OS. The chart is unforgivingly clear on this — the iPhone is here to stay and it is eating market share right and left. Why would you want to lug around an iPhone and a PSP anyway? Sure, if you are addicted to it or are a fan boy but otherwise, with the likes of EA onboard, you should see it clearly — the future of portable gamin is on convergent device like the iPhone.

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