Netflix Comes To The Wii

As of today, owners of the Nintendo Wii gaming console will be joining the Xbox and Playstation in their ability to stream content from Netflix. On Thursday the company announced that they had begun shipping the discs required to stream content to the Wii.

Netflix has been available on the Xbox and Playstation for quite some time now, but owners of the Nintendo Wii have been waiting quite a while for this now after they were told a while back that it would be coming, but no release date was given.

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So as part of the “Final Phase” of Netflix’s plans, it has now shipped out the disc required to stream content to it’s customers in the US who requested it and they should be arriving from today onwards. However it’s only a gradual roll out and only those who registered their interest will be receiving the discs as Netflix plan on “using the feedback it gains from those users to improve issues with the service prior to its official launch” according to marketing exec Jessie Becker in a blog post.

Now that Netflix is available on the Wii, it completes the companies goal to get their service on all three of the major gaming devices. However the Xbox 360 is the only console that has built in support for Netflix and doesn’t require an additional disc to stream content.

Netflix have refused to say how many discs they sent out or when they plan to roll this service out fully to everyone else, but existing Netflix subscribers can register for their disc now. Any Netflix member with an unlimited plan for $8.99 per month or higher, a broadband connection, and a Wii console will be able to access the service at launch. To sign up, reserve a copy of the Wii disc online, and Netflix will send you an e-mail once it launches.

But do Nintendo Wii owners really want Netflix on their consoles, especially when you consider that the Wii isn’t capable of HD playback, it can only manage a mere 480P and it’s not really set up to be a home entertainment system like the Xbox or Playstation.

What do you think,

Is there really much demand for Netflix on the Wii?

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