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Social Engineering Networks are very popular today. Twitter, probably the best known, offers unique opportunity’s  for users to exchange information not only with each other, but also to resolve issues. Such is the case with Firefox trying an experiment in social networking.

Starting next week Firefox users will be able to receive technical support from Firefox through twitter. According to the SOMA blog FireFox intends to offer technical assistance. The origins of their concern comes when Firefox users experience a problem, they might post a tweet to express their frustration bypassing SUMO to getting help with their issue.  Firefox looks bad… there is a problem…users don’t find resolution… and users complain.

To that end Firefox intends a three stage process to eliminate the problem. First they hope to reach users who need help. If a snippet can solve their problem. They want to reach close to 100% of all users. Users can twitter their problem to Firefox, and they will respond, presumably, within a short period of time. Second they want to get a better understanding of the current public perception of Mozilla Firefox, and the biggest or most frequent problems users experience, and act upon that information. The old cliche about bad publicity not hurting doesn’t really apply to software products, or for that matter any consumer product. Finally, they want to prevent issues from spiraling out of control by intercepting and channeling those issues in the direction of SUMO if help is not possible through Twitter. In other words, if the 140 character twit cannot resove their problem they will be redirected to the SUMO blog page.

At present they want to start with objectives 1 and 3, since they are connected together and, moreover, can be handeled with a minimal use of tools. They are prepared to pursue a test run with a small Firefox team over the period of a week. The purpose is to gather information about collaboration in a social media setting.

Twitter is the launch point since it is the most open social network platform available, What they learn will determine how to continue the process. Other social network processes may be in the horizons, but for now, it is twitter.

Source SUMO Blog

Mozilla Wiki

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