Google Factoring In How Fast Sites Load In Search Results

With high speed internet and broadband widely available these days, web designers don’t have to worry half as much as they used to when designing sites. Even the most basic sites would have to carefully planned so that a user on a 56 kbps dial up connection would be able to load the site before the day was over. However nowadays I think it’s fair to say that everyone has a minimum of 1 mbps broadband connection, many of us have more.

So web designers got lazy and didn’t optimise their sites half as much as they used to and as a result websites have become bloated with excess code and large images etc… You will still rarely find a site that won’t load in under 10 seconds but that’s only because our internet connections are, in most cases up to the task.

But now there maybe a new incentive out there for web designers to optimise their sites for speed once again. Google is now factoring the speed at which a site loads into its search results. They have recognised that consumers demand for instant news and information on the web has increased dramatically and our attentions spans are decreasing rapidly.

Google has a largely unknown recipe for how it organises its search results, but now we know a new ingredient is: site speed. There had been hints out on the web for the last few months that this may be coming but now it’s official. Two of Google’s search engineers have decided to spill the beans for us. Amit Singhal and principal engineer Matt Cutts announced the news last Friday in a blog post and said that’s actually been live for a couple of weeks unknown to us. Google is using a variety of components and factors to determine how much faster one Web page responds compared to another.

However speed won’t be playing a major role in search results and you won’t be getting the number one spot because your site loads in half a second since Google has over 200 other factors which it bases its search results on. Google have said the change should affect fewer than 1 percent of search query results.

Still I think this is a move in the right direction as site owners are becoming lazy when it comes to optimising their sites for speed and this might give them an incentive to work on it a bit.

Why not have a look at some of these tips for speeding up your site

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