What’s Twitter Up To These Days?

The internet phenomenon that is Twitter doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon as it continues to grow and grow with more and more tweets every second. Up to now Twitter has been content to just let users tweet out their every meal,movement and emotion without ever looking for anything in return. Twitters venture capitalists just kept investing the money without any source of immediate return, but now it looks like Twitter has a couple of new tricks up it’s sleeve to make a bit of cash for itself.

Promoted Tweets

Twitter is looking towards “Promoted Tweets” as a means of making some money. At last weeks “Chirp” conference, Twitter announced this new feature that shouldn’t affect users too much. It’s fairly unintrusive compared to some other traditional ad units.

Businesses and the like can create a campaign of tweets which will be shown in search results. For example say you do a search for “iPod Touch” then in the search result of tweets, you may get a sponsored tweet from Apple with a link to buy an iPod Touch.

These tweets will more than likely appear at the top or towards the top of search results and will be judged by their resonance. It’s kind of like CTR but also includes favourites and retweets. If a tweet is found to have resonance, it will remain; if it doesn’t resonate, it will quickly fade away, to be replaced with another, even from another vendor in another campaign. “Resonance” is dictated by the number of times users interact with the ad, how often they’re retweeted, favorited, and interacted with, including coming up in topics and other metrics.

Mobile Apps

Twitter are also working on getting their very own Twitter apps out there. While there are a whole rake of third party applications out there for iPhone, Blackberry and Android, Twitter want to have their very own. They have just announced a Twitter app for Blackberry and they also have plans for an iPhone and Android one further down the road.


Twitter have now also unveiled a new feature called “Places” which will allow users to better see where tweets are coming from. Twitter will keep a database of restaurants, bars, parks, stations and other public arenas and will then try and work out where a tweet is coming from. Users will also be able to tag the location of tweets.


Twitter has decided to sell it’s archive of tweets to the Library of Congress, making them searchable on Google. So that means that every single tweet you have ever “tweeted” will be available, you may learn to regret some of your tweets!

All public tweets, dating back to the very first one on March 21, 2006, are now hosted in the government’s Library of Congress.

Live Search

And finally, Tweets from twitter will now start showing up in Bing as live results which continually update, this feature has been available in Google for a while now as well.

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22 Responses to What’s Twitter Up To These Days?

  1. dude April 26, 2010 at 9:04 pm #

    The geo-tagging looks like it might be the most interesting new feature. I can imagine deciding which restaurant I want to go to and consulting Twitter to see which restaurant is the best at the moment.

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