How to Modify Your Opera Browser

There are a lot of browsers available besides the Internet Explorer. Many are making a mark for themselves for being more secure, faster, and user friendly. Among those is Opera. Now, you can make modifications to your Opera browser by downloading files or copying code into the browser.  At the site and with codes or files that are available on the site you can extend and modify Opera. Opera gives users the ability to modify its behaviour as well as the behaviour of the websites you visit.  Different Opera users can share their experiences or code to make modifications and additions to the browser.

Here are some samples of modifications that you can make:

  • Auto-Hide Status Bar:  This shows a temporary status bar when the cursor is over a link (chrome-like)
  • Wrap plain text files: This wraps long lines in plain text files to desired width.
  • Open links in background tab with long mouse/touchpad press.:You can opens a link in a backgound with long mouse/toucpad press.
  • Wikipedia: Redesigned, which can make it easier to read Wikipedia articles.

User JavaScript

User javascript can be used for many things. They can fix websites that are broken in Opera. Or they can add features to sites, to make browsing them more user friendly. They can even be used to add features to the browser itself. Here are some examples:

  • Show Just Image: If you would lie to removes garbage from some image hosting sites and only display the image, this is the file your want.
  • Google pager: This will insert the next page of results when the Google search page is scrolled to the bottom.

User CSS

  • With Opera and User CSS files it is possible to override the way a page looks and make it look the way you want it to.
  • Chrome’s status-bar for Opera browser: This will show the status field instead of status-bar, the way that Chrome does.

There are other topics that you can find content for: Toolbar setup, Keyboard setups, menu and mouse setups, buttons, macros and other setups. There is a lot to keep you busy if you inclinded to tweak your browser.

Source: Extend Opera

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