Soon to be released – Red Hat Enterprise Linux ver 6

Power Management, scalability, and storage enhancements are some of the new features that Red Hat will preview as an upgrade to its enterprise Linux distribution. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 6 will present advancements that were developed over the past four years of upstream development to the OS kernel. Here are some of the key enhancements in version 6.

  • Power management
  • Networking enhancements
  • Reliability, availability, and serviceability
  • Fine-grained control and management
  • Virtualization
  • Enterprise security enhancement
  • Development and runtime support

Scalability has improved with the ability  to go up to 128TB of addressable physical address space.

CPU volume support is staggering by enabling the OS to scale out to hardware systems expected in the future. For example, previous versions of  RHEL supported an estimated 512 processors, but  now that theoretical limit has gone off the charts with support for 64,000 processors.

There is an improved power system scheduler that can drop unused sockets into lower power states. It can improve storage and volume management. There is better handling of multipath devices in storage arrays. For networks, bandwidth usage is improved among multiple interconnects and block storage is supported.

In the security area, the SELInux sandbox allows execution of even un-trusted or unverified content by restricting them to an isolated environment. And the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) will provide the identity control through central management; it can cache credentials for offline use.

Reliability has been improved to better isolate system issues like faulty memory. There is also, a new file system called ext4, which supports larger file sizes and provides more efficient allocation of disk space.

A resource consumption control group has been redesigned. It enables better control over resources like memory bandwidth. One result of this is that users can allot specific percentages of memory bandwidth to specific applications.

Source:  Download Redhat Version 6 Beta

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