How to Use e-Mail with Twitter

If you have ever wondered how you could use your e-mail to send or receive tweets. A new application, Tweety Mail, lets you do just that.

TweetyMail is Twitter over email. Yes, it’s simple. You can even eliminate using the Twitter client. So how does it work? Well, its all about shooting off an e-mail. So if you want a Twitter list of the latest tweets from the people you follow, you just send an email. Soon you will get a reply with the tweets. Tweet yourself? Just shoot off another email. Or what if you want to follow someone new? That’s another email. Retweet? That’s another e-mail.

Tweety - e-mail

This operation works because every Twitter action has a different TweetyMail email address. If I want to send a Direct Message to a user, I would email that username to And if I want to unfollow a user, for example, I would simply email that username to And so on.

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For this operation to work, you need to connect your email account to TweetyMail. When you have done that and verify the connection, the Tweety Mail becomes your address, you’re good to go. Yyou can also hook up multiple addresses if you want.

You can have improved follower and direct message notifications. TweetyMail gives you a special address that you have to enter as your main email address on In TweetyMail’s new follower notification email system you will get things such as a one-click follow, a full biography, and the most recent tweets. It’s a better system than what Twitter itself gives you.

Follower Notification

You can set up alerts for tweets from a certain user, or mentions ,or search terms. These will all be sent to your email address until you deactivate them.

Source: Tweety Mail

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