Google Chrome Available for Mac and Linux

Google has released stable versions Chrome v5.0.375.55 for of Chrome for Linux and Mac. It has also upgraded the stable release of the browser to version 5. Now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, version 5 includes support for themes and extensions; it also has better bookmark management and synchronization. It offers browser preferences syncing, and the most recent stable updates to Chrome’s V8, the JavaScript engine.

Version 5 also offers several HTML5-based features. Geolocation APIs, Web Sockets, App Cache, and attachment drag-and-drop in Gmail are part of the schems. But Adobe’s Flash player is not finalized on the current version. It was integrated into the development versions of Chrome 5, but it has been on again off again in the beta versions. It has not yet made it to the current release of Chrome 5. However, the developer’s version has made it to version 6.

Previous versions of the Chrome, were not as solid as some of the competitors. But this one looks like it can stand on equal footing with Firefox. The extension gallery, which has been around long enough to privide depth, offers many ways to tweak your browser experience. As with Firefox, overloading extensions will decrease browser stability in general. But the possibility provided with the extensions is certainly now a user choice.

An extension can be used to add additional features to the browser. For example, an extension can automatically detects different languages, one you are using and one on the chrome page. If they are different a banner appears near the top of the browser page. When you click the “Translate” button on the banner you can have the translated text on the page appear in the new language.

Google Chrome for Max can be seen here:

Google Chrome for Linux can be seen here:

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