Google Chrome Has Flash Built In

Several months ago, in March, to be specific, Google and announced that the Adobe Flash Player would come built in to Google’s Chrome browser, thereby sparing for users the need to download, install and update it separately.

So on Thursday, Google released Chrome version to the Stable channel on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Included were fixes for a slate of security issues. However, the integrated Flash Player has now been enabled by default.

How valuable is Flash? Flash has been a dominant component for building the richer and more dynamic aspects of the Web, specifically streaming video and games. It has been important for programmers who have relied on it to bridge feature and compatibility differences among browsers. Several browser manufacturers have chafed at how Flash programs could crash the browser or confuse the user interface.

Built-in Flash was only previously available in the developer and beta releases of the swift WebKit-based browser. So the release to the Stable channel means the integrated plug-in is now available in its mainstream version.

What this means for the browser market is that not only is Google giving Adobe’s Flash technology another vote of confidence, but the integration also means any Flash Player updates will be delivered directly from Google Chrome’s updating system. This will have the ultimate effect of minimizing security risks which tend to arise when one uses outdated software and components.

This is in sharp contrast to Apple’s Steve Jobs who has nothing nice to say about Flash, and won’t let it be used in the Apple iPhone or iPad Apps programs.

Nevertheless, while Flash’s may have some drawbacks plus a mixed reputation, it is widely used on the Web. Adobe is working to keep it commercially up-to-date. Recently the release of Flash Player 10.1 release works computers and on mobile phones as well. This speaks volumes because Adobe and Google have a tight connection. Android phones get Flash support and Chrome now has it built in. Among other things, it means that it will automatically be updated through Chrome’s upgrade technology.

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