Cisco Enters the Tablet PC Market

Cisco Systems has jumped onto the tablet PC market with a device of its own that uses Google Android software and is targeted at business customers, not home users.

The tablet called the Cisco Cius, was announced during its annual customer conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The device will feature Cisco’s collaboration software that integrates virtual desktop applications with high-definition video. It is a small device weighing in a 1.15 pounds.

Some features that Cisco mentions was that the new device will have front- and rear-facing cameras that record in high definition for video conferencing and a 7-inch high-resolution screen.

Cisco’s TelePresence video conferencing system will be integrated into the tablet to provide one-click access to video conferences.  Additional integration will be provided with the WebEx meeting products. It can connect to the Internet via a 3G cellular network or through Wi-Fi.

The Cisco Cius, unlike other tablets, like Apple’s iPad which is intended for the home / personal consumer market, the Cius is designed for business users. Specific pricing was not announced, but expectations are that the company will offer it at retail for less than $1,000.

Cisco will be using Google’s Android OS. This OS is getting featured in a growing number of tablet PCs and smartphones. Cisco expects that Android will let the company’s business customers to engage the growing Android developer community; presumably it is developing new business-class products.

Cisco Tablet

The interesting element, aside from Cisco entering into this market, is the fascination with Android. Multiple companies are signed up to use this OS for their own products.

According to Admob, the Android OS had its greatest concentration of unique devices in North America (75 percent) in April 2010, followed by Asia (12 percent) and Western Europe (11 percent). More detailed accounts between the use of Android and other operating systems can be found at AdMob. See below.

Source: AdMob Cnet

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