57% Of Android Apps Are Free – Only 27% Of iPhone Apps

Android is without doubt becoming one of the most popular operating systems and is taking the world by storm. Of course there seems to be countless flavors of the OS with new ones being released all the time, but even so it seems developers are keeping up with the rapid rate of change and churning out apps faster than Google can add a new flavor of the OS to their line up.

While Apple may have more apps for the moment, it’s become apparent that Android Apps are significantly cheaper and a lot more of them are free. In fact 57% of all Android apps are completely free, compared to 28% of the iPhone App Store and just 23% for the iPad.

Apple have a much larger app store, so competition should in theory be higher here, so I would have expected to see more free apps, but even more surprising is the fact that paid Apple apps are in general more expensive than Android paid apps.

Android apps average at $3.29 while the iPhone averages at $4.01 and the iPad at $4.65. The graph above also displays information for the Windows Marketplace, Palm App Catalog and Blackberry App World, but none of them are anywhere near as big as Android or Apple at this stage.

So why are there so many more free Android apps? You’d think with all the competition on the Apple store, developers would be willing to sell their apps cheaper in order to gain more sales, but it appears not. As usual you are paying the Apple exclusivity tax. Apple also take a bigger cut of the developers revenue, so developers charge more, where as Google don’t take anything.

Since Android is an open platform, which anyone can develop for, you see a lot more open source apps, which in general are free. So since you don’t have to pay to develop apps, developers are more willing to give away their apps with Android than with Apple.



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3 Responses to 57% Of Android Apps Are Free – Only 27% Of iPhone Apps

  1. Guest July 6, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    Not sure how accurate this is considering many apps on Android have a Demo / Trial app for Free and then a Paid full version.

  2. Robert B July 6, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    The Apple app store also has free demo/trial version of apps as well though

  3. Guest2 February 26, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    not sure where the stats are coming from – but clearly flawed!! – Apple has far more expensive unique apps not available on other platforms.. if you redone your analysis comparing only apps available on all platforms then I’m sure it’d tell another story.. instead of just taking a half assed mean approach to it!

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