What You Need For A Good PageRank

The Google Pagerank is one of the most talked about terms on the blogosphere. Bloggers can spend hours researching and reading up to find out how they can get themselves a good Pagerank, thinking that it will automatically mean they get more traffic, and therefore make more money.

We’ll I’m afraid this isn’t always true, I have two of my own sites, Techinfo-4u has a page rank of 3 and NextiPhoneNews has a page rank of 2. My iPhone site has traffic that is 3 times that of Techinfo-4u, even though it’s got a lower pagerank.

However my iPhone site is only recently set up compared to my other one, so it will be interesting to see how the pageranks change the next time Google updates them (which is due anytime now).

But don’t get me wrong, your pagerank can be very important. You’ll find the more your pagerank grows, the higher the number of opportunities you will get from people to review products, link to them and advertise with you etc… When people are browsing the web, quite often they will look at a sites pagerank quickly and may make a quick assumption based on it as to whether or not they stay on your site. You will also rank better in Google searches with a better pagerank.

So it is important, but how do you go about getting a good pagerank?

Well it’s calculated on many many different factors, but in general it’s the number of sites linking back to your own. The more sites the better, and the higher the pagerank of the sites linking back in the better.

This interesting table below which I found on tnx shows how the Google pagerank is calculated. It shows you how many backlinks you’d need from sites of a certain pagerank to achieve whatever pagerank your looking to get.

How many links you need from pages with PR ==>12345678910
To get PR of your page (not taking into consideration relinking) at least: ==>21011831111111
70.5 mil.9241416803305555510118311
82.8 mil.0.5 mil.924141680330555551011831
915 mil.2.8 mil.0.5 mil.92414168033055555101183
1084 mil.15 mil.2.8 mil.0.5 mil.9241416803305555510018

Now I wouldn’t take this as the actual method that Google uses for calculating your pagerank, it does depend on your traffic somewhat and other various aspects of your site. But it is a good reference and quite beneficial and let’s you see just what you need to do to get a good pagerank.

Be wary however of paid link exchange directories as Google doesn’t approve of these “link farms” you won’t get any real traffic from them and Google is known to penalize sites with too many links from paid link sites and directories. Avoid these and instead spend your time producing great content which sites with a high pagerank will want to link back to.

Too many people spend too much time worrying over their pagerank, I never work on improving my pagerank, you should just let it improve itself naturally. There is no point in wasting your time trying to get half a million links from sites with a pagerank of 2 just so you can get a pagerank of 8. These sort of things happen naturally over time, you can’t expect your pagerank to just jump up without any great content.

So instead of begging sites to link back to you, spend your time working on producing great content and let sites naturally link back to you.

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