Pre-Order New Amazon Kindle In UK

I’ve been considering buying an eReader for a few weeks now, although I’ve been uncertain which one to buy.  I was planning on buying an iPad because it can also function as an digital photo frame and because of it’s greater online capabilities, but the introduction of the new low-cost Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi in the UK has made me reconsider this.

The new Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi which doesn’t include 3G access retails for only £109, £40 cheaper than the 3G Amazon Kindle.  For someone like me who reads a lot of books and is starting to run out of shelve space to store books, getting access to such a low cost eReader is tempting.  Many other users seem to think so as well, with the Kindle the bestselling product on for two years running, and is also the most wished for and most gifted item on the site.

The specs of the new Kindle are also impressive:

  • Up to a month of battery life
  • 3,500 books store
  • 50% better contrast
  • 20% faster page turns
  • Free 3G wireless access – no monthly bills or annual contracts

To pre-order or to read more about the Amazon Kindle, click here.

Are you an Amazon Kindle or iPad user?  Which would you recommend as the ultimate eReader?

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