Go Medieval With Algadon Free Online RPG

Online RPGs have been a very popular game genre ever since the early days of the internet, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in fantasy worlds taking on new identities. The format for many online RPGs is similar, with new skills, powers, weapons etc typically rewarded for time served or when quests are completed.

Most of the top Online RPGs charge fees to play or to purchase extra items, but there are some good free RPGs out there such as Algadon.  Set in the mystical land of Algadon, players are able to battle monsters, compete with other players and complete quests which if completed will endow their character with new powers and strengths.  To start the game a race must be chosen, where each race has different strengths and weaknesses.  Races available include orcs, elves and dwarfs.  Players can also choose a profession such as knight, mage, assassin or merchant.

As with most of these games, you are able to work cooperatively with other players and this tends to be advisable for new players.  There are also clans within Algadon, providing the usual clan war matches.  Once you’ve joined a band of merry men, you are able to message each other both in the game and outside via a forum.

Registering is easy – all you have to do is provide an email address, chose a password and a race.  As with most of these games, to achieve a high level of skill and ability will take time and it’s nice to see that Android and iPhone apps are available for those who want to play the game on the move.  There’s also a MySpace version of the game, although this has completely goals and challenges.  Hopefully, the developers are working on a facebook version of the game which would seem a logical step.

To enter the world of Algadon, click here.

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