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There has been a lot of discussion about whether html5 would be incorporated into IE9 or not. In fact, some of the discussion has also been about other browsers, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and if they are leaving Microsoft behind in using HTML 5. But here the question is, just how popular is HTML5? So to answer that question, here is a short review of some of the websites that have been using HTML5.

To begin with there are many sites that are looking at show casing HTML5.

The <html>5gallery has multiple sites that they are showcasing.

This site gives a full description about what is going on in the area of HTML5 implementation.

See: <html>5gallery

Another site, at HTML5Demos  gives you just that, demos of HTML5. But you must have Chrome to see the demo.

As you can see, there are are over 21 demos to look at and this should provide you with enough experience to see how the markup language will work.

Source: html5Demos

Another Website, PC Pro dissects HTML 5 by looking at several different websites.

Creative Pony One of the HTML5 Sites Reviewed

Source: The top 10 HTML5 sites dissected

One of the more complete sites is 101 Best HTML5 Sites. This offers not just a list of websites, but also tutorials for HTML5  in websites. Also businesses and personal websites that use this markup.


Source: 101 Best HTML5 Sites

Apple has also gotten into the act, but more to demonstrate the potential of HTML5, and to show users that Adobe Flash is not needed for their iPhone or iPad products.

Apple's HTML5 Demo Site

Apple is committed to using HTML5, and it even has a link to Steve Jobs explanation of why Apple’s products, especially the i* devices, no longer support Flash.

Source: Apple

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  1. Michael Lankton August 16, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

    Don’t forget! HTML5 since 9/9/9

  2. domyab August 31, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

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