Google Planning To Launch Chrome OS Tablet With Verizon

Word on the web, courtesy of the downloadsquad is that Google and Verizon are teaming up to launch a tablet device, built by HTC to launch on November 26th.

Apparently they’ve got a source that confirms this information, that a tablet set to rival the iPad will be running the Chrome OS from Google and is being built by HTC, who also built the Nexus One for Google. Verizon are set to be the partners in this Chrome OS Tablet and is set to launch on Black Friday, November 26th, the busiest shopping day of the year in the US.

We’re also been told that it will be heavily subsidized on contract to Verizon and will be way cheaper than the iPad, and may even be free if you’re lucky. Hardware wise, we’re looking at a device with Nvidias Tegra 2 chips and sporting a 1280×720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, minimum 32GB SSD, WiFi/Bluetooth/LTE connectivity, GPS, webcam, and possibly expandable storage via a multi-card reader.

Now this sounds great and all, but there’s some questions being raised here. Of course it’s plausible that Verizon and Google are teaming up to release a tablet, but I’m not sure if the Chrome OS is even ready to be released that soon. I mean we haven’t seen it on any other devices to date. But then again Google could be using this device to debut their new OS.

Secondly, Engadget has other information to report, their sources tell them that Google and Verizon are planning on releasing a tablet, but it’s not due to appear until late 2011, or so they say. Also these specs that we’re being told seem to be made up and aren’t coming from any source that we can see.

And hey, this is the first time we’ve caught wind of a Google Tablet with Verizon, and there seems to be too much information for this to be true.

What do you think? Is it for real?

Let me know in the comments

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