Multi-touch coming to Ubuntu Linux

With multi-touch gesture support absolutely everywhere now, it was only a matter of time before the largest Linux distributor, Ubuntu, announced it’s inclusion in their next version.  Now their founder Mark Shuttleworth has made that very announcement.

The feature will be available in Ubuntu 10.10 from October and will support up to four fingered usage.  In a statement on his website, Shuttleworth said…

The design team has lead the way, developing a “touch language” which goes beyond the work that we’ve seen elsewhere. Rather than single, magic gestures, we’re making it possible for basic gestures to be chained, or composed, into more sophisticated “sentences”. The basic gestures, or primitives, are like individual verbs, and stringing them together allows for richer interactions. It’s not quite the difference between banging rocks together and conducting a symphony orchestra, but it feels like a good step in the right direction

Clearly what we’ve seen with multi-touch so far has only just scratched the surface (no pun intended) and there are many more exciting things that can be done with it in the future to help, not only the mass market, but the disabled and very young children to engage and interact with computers in new and exciting ways.

This new feature will form part of Canonical’s UTouch Framework and will run on any device with a multi-touch screen.

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