Two tools to help with secure passwords

Choosing a secure password to use online is second only in difficulty to knowing if that password is really secure or not.  I thought I’d share with you two tools that can make choosing a secure password easy, and that would help you find out just how secure the password(s) you use at the moment really are.

How Secure is My Password is a simple little site that checks your current password and reports back on how long it might take an average modern desktop computer to crack it.  There’s nothing on this site to identify you.  There’s no log-in or account needed so there’s no way for the site to ever be able to associate your password with any username or email address.

To use the site all you need to do is type your password into the white box on the screen and it will immediately report back on how long it would take to secure your password.

Simple dictionary words and names can be cracked in a matter of seconds using brute-force methods.  Adding a year or date of birth will make it more secure but it’s still something that a password cracker will check for early on.

Adding random characters such as * or & and subst1tuting numb3rs for letters can make the password more secure still but there’s no substitute for having a really long password, ten characters or more if you can do so.

PasswordCard is a site for people who really do want a secure password and don’t mind a little inconvenience to get it.  The site will auto generate an image (one example is seen here) with completely random characters and two keys.

The first key is again random images along the top, the latter is a more conventional numbering up the side of the card.

You can print out your card (my advice would also be to save a copy or two in case you lose it).  You then choose a random character along the top, a number down the side and decide how long your password should be.

You now have a super-secure password and even if somebody gets hold of your password card, they’d never find your password hidden within it.

I’d always recommend having a secure password and these two sites can help keep you safe and secure on your computer and on-line.

Thanks to James Lidster for the tip


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