Amazon Kindle Selling Very Fast

Kindle is an e-book wireless reading device with a 6″ Display. It is sold by Now, however, Amazon has announced that it has received more orders for Kindles in the first four weeks of availability than at any other time. In fact, customers recently ordered more Kindles through and the British version combined than any other product.

This isn’t a complete surprise since Amazon’s recent announcement that more Kindle books were sold in the first half of 2010 as they did in the first half of 2009. So with the Kindle continuing to be the number one product sold on Amazon it will have a wide customer base. Recently, Amazon said the U.K. Kindle store now has over 670,000 books. This makes Kindle very hot and it has reportedly been sold out until the fall.

Kindle comes in two price version. $139 and $189. The difference is that the updated version has athinner, sleeker design with a smaller body and lighter weight. It can perform faster page turns, and it comes with up to one month of battery life with wireless off. You have storage upto 3,500 books. It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi for the price of $139.

The upgraded version has all of these features plus 3G wireless. It sells for $189.

Kindle is very popular in Britain as evidenced by the UK Kindle store with more than 400,000 book titles. But that is not all. Customers in 6 continents in over 125 countries have requested that the product be shipped to them on deferred orders since there are none currently available.

How does this compare to the Apple iPad and the Barnes and Noble NOOK e-book reader? Apparently, Amazon is not concerned that the market will be dominated by one player. More importantly, however, is the view that Amazon holds that the reading experience created by the authors will dominate, not the product.

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