Apple to Introduce New iPods

This coming Wednesday, September 1, Apple has an event on the books and Steve Jobs will probably announce new iDevices, specifically an iOS-version of the Apple TV and new iPods. With all of the work and publicity that Apple has generated over the last few months, this is not a mementos occasion, at least not like the other technology revelations that it has had in the past few months.

If things go down as the leaks seem to say, you might actually want a dedicated PMP device again. The iPod is set to have a second coming.

The sixth-generation iPod nano could shrink the device to less than half of its current size, as pictured in the mockup above.

iPod_nano New Version?

Reports from Techcrunch and Zdnet indicate that the iPad will be more like the iPod shuffle than the iPod nano. However, even with this small size it should have a traditional iPod dock connector, allowing compatibility with the existing iPod accessory ecosystem.

The new iPod nano could use the tiny 3 x 3cm display that surface in part form as an Apple-branded component earlier this summer.

Some of the designs were leaked earlier this year. For instance though it may not be a carbon copy of the iPhone 4 minus the phone, it’ll probably follow the example of previous devices in providing similar functionality. The tiny cases suggest a square-faced device with space on the back for a clip. It looks to be the right size for a 3cm square touchscreen.

The next iPod touch incarnation should have at least a front-facing cam. This makes the iPod touch turn into more than a media player. It would be a pre-iPhone.

So one question is, what will happen to the iPod Shuffle? If this idevice, the iPad Nano will be the next generation, then what innovations remain?


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