ARM Launches Cortex-A15 MPCore ‘Eagle’ 2.5Ghz Mobile Processor, The Future Looks Fast

ARM has jus launched a mobile processing core that is capable of reaching processing speeds of up to 2.5GHz. This opens up the way for future smartphones to become super phones that can do things faster, better and longer. Technology is suddenly sounding very suggestive.

If and when this processor makes it to the mainstream of manufacturers like Apple and HTC, we will suddenly be seeing phones with specs that read like a PC but with multiple sensors that will now be running all the time to track every move we make. What can possibly go wrong?

But seriously, once you look at what ARM says this chip is capable of, it becomes apparent that the mobile industry has just gone through another major change. With 2.5Ghz of processing power, we will finally see proper tablets that can rival full fledged PC’s in their functionality and may be finally replace the casual gaming/surfing PC that a lot of people use.

The new ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore is apparently five times better performing (overall) than the current mobile processors. Even though it is extremely powerful in processing, it still barely uses battery life. This makes it possible for resource intensive processes like augmented reality and GPS to run for longer. Making our cell phones an always on multi-communication device that does it all for us. Without our intervention. Without us really noticing.

This is also true for 3D applications. So you can now play plants v/s Zombies much longer than you could before. Which brings us to the iOS devices. Putting this much power in the hands of some of the most talented developers and designers in the world will definitely result in something really great. This is why, ARM’s announcement has also created a side flare up of a sudden surge of iPhone 5 speculations and what it might be like.

The 1GHz Cortex A9 has now lost its speed king crown, within one year too

This processor is the result of a joint effort between ARM and industry-leading chip makers the likes of Texas Instruments, ST Ericsson and Samsung. Incidentally, Samsung has been known for their connection with Apple when it comes to fabbing the chips designed at Cupertino. All of these companies are looking to deliver better performance from their portable and mobile devices — the category that is currently showing the fastest growth in all of tech industry.

ARM’s Mike Inglis (EVP and GM, Processor Division) waxed eloquent about how this is the beginning of a new era in ARM partnership and how it brings together 2 decades of low power computing expertise with mutiple new and aggressive high performance technologies.

In the mean time, Yiwan Wong of Samsung Electronics (VP of SoC marketing, system LSI Division) talked about the increasing market demand for better power and connectivity in low powered devices. He called the Cortex-A15 MPCore a quantum leap in the industry and said that it will help them deliver exactly what the market has been asking for all this while. Which is more power, longer battery life and even more functionality.

Just some years back, convergence was the buzz word in the handheld category when mobile phones first started integrating media playback capabilities following the iPod revolution. Now that that convergence is definitely at a pinnacle, it has become so common place that no one really talks about it. But very soon, your phone will become all you need for your daily living. And that will be in a way that is more integrating than it already is at the moment. At least that is what it looks like from the curve that ARM and the others are developing at the moment in the industry.


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