The Best Way To Prevent Spam On Your Blog

Unfortunately with blogging, you have to take the good with the bad, and I’m afraid I know just as well as any other blogger how much spam you can get on your blog. When your site is small, spam isn’t too bad, however, you will find that the only comments your getting on your blog, are actually spam ones.

The amount of comments I get on my blog which are either pointless comments ( ie. Hey, Nice Site, I’ve bookmarked it for future reading) or an annoying spam link which links back to a site which will try and sell you something is really annoying. Now I do get legit comments on my site, however it’s a tough job filtering out the legit comments from the spam ones when your getting over 100 spam comments a day.

At first it wasn’t too bad, I was easily able to sort out the odd spam comments from the legit comments, but as my site has grown, so have the numbers of spam comments.

By default, all WordPress blogs come with the Akismet plugin. Now if it wasn’t for this plugin, your blog would be overrun with spammers comments right from the beginning. Akismet does a fairly good job at preventing spam comments, however sometimes if an author has been flagged before or if the Aksimet algorithm doesn’t agree with their comment, you may find that your missing out on legit, beneficial comments.

So I’ve managed to come up with the best solution for preventing spam on my blog.

You wil need to use two plugins, the first is Akismet which comes as standard on your wordpress blog. The second plugin you need to grab is the Conditional Captcha plugin.

Once installed and activated, this plugin will work in conjunction with Akismet to prevent spam comments. Basically, when Akismet thinks a comment in spam, it then gets sent to the Conditional Captcha plugin, which will ask the commenter to fill in a captcha field to confirm that they are in fact human. Since spam comments generally come from spam bots, they all fail at this final hurdle and get sent to the trash.

It’s great because if someones actual legit comment is marked as spam, it still gives them a chance to save their comment from the spam pile by filling in the Captcha field.

I’ve used this plugin with much success over the last few weeks, and so far I’ve saved my blogs from over 1000 spam comments!

So if you’re having trouble with spam on your blog, be sure to have a look at it

Condition Captcha

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3 Responses to The Best Way To Prevent Spam On Your Blog

  1. Phnoy Tv September 22, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    Thank you for sharing.!

  2. Ahmed Mohsen November 14, 2010 at 10:21 am #

    i used Captcha plugin before and i found it silly to write a security code each time u make a comment, but the soultion you said i think its the ultimate solutuin till this moment.
    thank you 4 sharing
    From Egypt with Love 😉

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