Square – The New Flash – Beta Version

Any user of a 64 bit operating system has seen the message, this product is only supported on 32 bit systems. Well Adobe has released a new beta version of Flash designed on 64 bit code. The new flash product is Square.  It is the beta version and it will run on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

The Update Cycle has started

Users in the know have long pointed out that there must be harmony among the different factions. A 64 bit processor should have a 64 bit operating system and applications should be rewritten in 64 bit mode to take full advantage of the 64 bits.

It is a well known fact that the computing industry  is in a  gradual transition mode to 64-bit computing. It  started years ago with processors moving to 64 bits, then to operating systems, and now is finally arriving with mainstream programs. Although 32-bit software runs on 64-bit operating systems, you generally can’t get a 32-bit plug-in to run in a 64-bit browser.

Many applications companies have not gone the full rewrite mode yet. Part of it is cost. It would be expensive to rewrite an application. But the more challenging element is the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If a 32 bit program runs on a 64 bit operating system, on a 64 bit processor, then who cares! While a development company may get away with this thinking for a while, however, it leaves open the marketing opportunity for others to step in and make a 64 bit application. They can advertise and brag about their product being better than the competition.

Adobe Flash 64 bit

The move to 64 bit was announced in June, when Adobe said 64-bit Flash is a “top priority”.  Now it  means a major transition for Web developers. Since so much talk has been about standards recently, developers will now be forced to make that move as well. This is part of Adobe’s effort to maintain Flash’s power, while dealing with new Web standards. Many applications offer many Flash abilities without a browser plug-in.

Download the Beta version  on Adobe Labs.

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