Dangerous Websites Part 2

Yesterday I covered information about websites and Internet activity to avoid. Here are some more “watch out”  items.

Watch out for Fake Antivirus programs

There are fake antivirus programs looming about that have the look and feel of the real thing, even with warning messages. Most fake antivirus software is extortion ware: Often they download a virus, and report it as their site having found it, and for a fee, they will remove it also.

Watch for sites that have fraudulent ads that will lead you to scams or malware.

While it is true that ads pay the bills, or fun websites, some ads are just scams. To avoid them, don’t click ads that will direct you to a commonly used and friendly website. If you get an ad to upload information to your bank account, go to the bank and look at their instructions there. The ad won’t be there at all.

Watch for Facebook Apps that look questionable.

While face book has a large following, and many apps appear there to make your social networking more pleasant, some are there to take advantage of your friendliness. Be selective about which Apps you add to your profile Check your privacy settings for Facebook Apps, and don’t add all Apps automatically.

Watch for sites that try to lure you in and sign up, then transfer your e-mail address for spam.

Be doubtful of the adds that promise you a free iPad or a free notebook! These sites are not dangerous by themselves, but personal information could be sold to other sites and businesses, who can then use it to sell stuff to you.

Watch for phishing on social networks that trick you into downloading malware or worse still giving your Facebook login information to others

Sites like Facebook give rise to new forms of phishing. For example, scammers might hijack a Facebook account, then use it to lure that person’s friends into clicking a friendly link but is not and going to spam sites, or even giving up their Facebook login information.

Finally, watch what you say and disclose.

After all, this is the Internet, and anything that you say or report about yourself can be read by anyone anywhere around the world. Let me put it this way, if you would not disclose certain things about yourself to your neighbors, then perhaps the same rule applies to the neighbors on the Web.

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