Who Exactly Is Buying The iPad And Why?

I think it’s fair enough to say, that despite all the critics who said the iPad would never be a success, it’s done quite well for itself. Sales are through the roof and don’t appear to be letting up anytime soon, even with the rumors of a new iPad coming along in the very near future.

So who exactly is buying the iPad? Are they all just Apple fan boys? Avid tech users or is it your Granny and Grandad? Well a new study by the NPD Research Group has the answer for us. They surveyed 500 iPad owners during the month of August. The focus group comprised of “Early Adopters” (who bought it within the first 2 months of it’s release) and those who purchased the device outside the “Early Adopters” window.


A couple of reports have been coming out recently saying that PC manufacturers are going to lose out on sales big time this year because of the iPad, and according to this survey 13 percent of people say that the iPad replaced a planned PC purchase. Another 24 percent said that they had purchased the iPad over an e-reader that they were planning to purchase. So the Kindles and Nooks will be suffering more than the PC makers at the moment anyway.

And now here’s the non-surprising bit. Out of the early adopters, 50 percent of them already owned a Mac, and after the “early adopters” another 45 percent said they owned a Mac as well, so the old Apple faithful aren’t letting Steve Jobs down.

But things begin to get interesting when you look at the satisfaction ratings from this report. 80% of the early adopters and 65% of the other group said they were “very satisfied” with the device. 51  % of the users felt that the lack of USB ports was a major shortfall for the device.

As with every first gen device from Apple, the iPad has it’s shortfalls that really bug some people, but there’s a good lot of Apple fans who see right through these problems and will buy it without hesitation. I wonder will the next gen iPad address these issues?

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