Apple Hosting Mac Event Next Week – What Will We See?

Apple seem to have gone fairly quiet on the Mac front over the last couple of months and have mainly just been focusing on iOS. We barely got a mention about OS X at previous press events, and we’ve begun to question Apples commitment to Mac.

Apple have just brought Mac back into the picture however with this press event that they have planned for October 20th at 10am in the Town Hall on Apple’s Campus in Cupertino California.

Invitations to the event entitled “Back to the Mac” began showing up earlier today.

So what can we expect to see Apple announce?

OS X Update

OS X is long overdue an update I think if it wants to keep up with Windows 7 and the likes, a refresh is in order. If the image in the press invitation is anything to go by, the next Mac OS could well be named “Lion”. Mac users have felt rather ignored over the past several months with all the iOS talk about iPads and iPhones, Macs seem to have been given the long finger.

New MacBook Air

The MacBook Air hasn’t got an update in ages, it’s screaming out for an update at this stage and since Apple love the ultrathin masterpiece, I’m expecting them to go to work on their 13 inch beauty.

Intel Core i3 and i5?

The MacBook Pros were updated six months ago and are on target for a refresh. The larger MacBook pros feature i3 and i5 processors, but the smaller 13-inch model has yet to get the upgrade. So I’d expect to see an update to that at the very least.

New Nvidia Graphics

Apple has pretty decent graphics in its current line of MacBooks, but they could be better. Especially the MacBook Pro 15 and 17 inch models, these more expensive models should be packing a bit more punch than they currently do in the graphics department.

What do you think Apple will have to say?

Let us know in the comments

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