New Changes Coming to Opera

Opera, which has lost some market share to Google lately and to other browsers as well, is poised to make some changes to how the browser operates.

For Opera 11 and also in the Opera Mini browser , both will come with a major new feature, hardware acceleration to speed the display of pages and operations such as scrolling and panning. There is high expectation that the change will keep Opera relevant in today’s highly competitive browser world.

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Opera is poised to make the changes available to the Android App for the mobile phone; this will be a full browser on the device. On the Android system, this will be easily accomplished since the device is open to other browsers, unlike the iPhone.

Hardware acceleration on mobile will come with a multitouch option, which is in high demand, plus pinch to zoom, for Opera Mobile. Right now Opera aims to provide the feature on whatever phone can support it.

For Opera’s business strategy, working with Android is a good fit. Google’s mobile operating system is spreading from the high-end smartphone area to the more affordable and mainstream devices where Opera is strong today. Android can be customized to the needs of many hardware makers or carriers. A large number of these device makers today have partnerships with Opera.

Extensions are another part of the modifications available on Opera. For Opera 11’s extensions, the company will employ the same approach begun by various other browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Specifically the extensions that Opera 11 will rely on  include Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The company showed two extensions in operation, one is for using Reddit, a social news website, and one for sending highlighted text to a Wikipedia search. Opera already is very customizable features, but the upcoming extensions will enable more fine-tuning. (Condé Nast Digital owns Reddit.)

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  1. Sean McNamara October 17, 2010 at 5:43 am #

    Will Opera be doing a 64bit version?

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